Monday, January 18, 2010


Today is the day. Surgery. Again. I talked to Dr. S last night and he says that the old leak is not completely sealed, SO he is going back into the same spot to revise the surgery. For some reason this makes me feel better then if there was a whole other leak. Still surgery, but I feel better. Right now I'm mostly just worried about the what ifs. I have experienced a lot of the what ifs, and frankly, I'm through with what ifs.

The latest what if is contrast dye and seizures. So, it was after the myelogram and Tommie and I were hanging out in the recovery room. That is the last thing I remember. Apparently, I started screaming and thrashing around. I. was. having. a seizure. I wish I had some great way to describe it but it is all so blurry. I do remember seeing Tommie there and knowing that she was with me but I didn't know who she was, or her name, or where I was. She looked scared, I remember that. There were lots of people talking to me. I don't really remember much until I came to in the ICU. That is when I started to get the story from Tommie. Apparently, the contrast dye can cause seizures. It is rare, but it happens, suprise! I guess after a bazillion myelograms you start playing the odds. We spent the night in the ICU with the worlds nicest nurse. The next day, they discharged me back to the hotel to return Monday for surgery. We have spent the weekend just hanging out and waiting.
I'm just so THANKFUL that we had not been discharged and we weren't walking down the hall or the street when the seizure started! There is always something to be thankful for....can you tell I've been with Tommie for a week?
Mere comes in tomorrow and Tommie leaves. I cannot wait to see Meredith!!! But, I'm glad that we did it this way. The girls didn't have a REALLY long time without us and Mere didn't have to see the seizure experience (which, according to Tommie was not a lot of fun).

Can I just say, time in LA crawls? These are the longest days of my life! Mere agreed when she was here and Tommie agrees now. It is strange. The days go on and on and on. It is 7am here, surgery is a noon and we have to be at the hospital at 10. There a million hours between now and then, or at least it seems that way.

Some things I don't want to forget:

--we are staying in a really cute hotel with a great little Italian restaurant. Last night we had the CUTEST waiter from Argentina. He was super yummy, so was the food.

--Tommie saw Barbra Streisand in the elevator at CS hospital. She played it cool, didn't say anything. Wonder if she will be there today?

--There is the sweetest gray bird here named, Shadow. He sings a lot and seems very happy.

I would definately stay at this hotel again!

So, the plan:
Surgery today. Mere come in tomorrow, Tommie leaves. Hopefully, home by Friday, but I really have NO idea.


Sonya said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers. We look forward to reading about continued success!

Lori said...

Huge Hugs to you and Mere both. I'm praying that this surgery will go smoothly and everything will be back to normal soon!

K J and the kids said...

Lets get back to this whole seizure thing after we TOTALLY TALK ABOUT BARBARA STREISAND !!!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME ! How do you play it cool with Babs....
ok. no seriously. I was just trying to lighten things up a bit.
STOP being in the 1% girl. Stop testing the strength of the drugs and your doctors.
Start healing and get home.

tallgirl said...

Wow! Barbara Streisand!

I will tell you the little ditty about how my dad thought he could wean himself off the seizure medications sometimes.

ugh... I hope things are better from here on out. You and your family deserve it.

amy said...

you really just can't catch a break! this is pure insanity! praying that the buck stops here for you!

Anonymous said...

Sending you my prayers. I hope you are back home with your girls soon. I have been following our story since ttc with Sydney. You have a beautiful family.

Take Care,

Brandi G said...

Can't believe Tommie was in the elevator with YENTEL...Hate to say it but I'm glad it was the old site too...Thought you were spontaneously combusting or something...I was for real scared...I like that you named the bird "Shadow" that's awesome...I know that Mere is so relieved to be reunited with you, now maybe the time will go faster...Funny how we can't slow time down when we are having fun but it creeps along when we are trudgung the road...Well, chickadee I am glad to finally know what's going on and I love you both. Ya'll have become some of my dearest friends...Miss you both...Hang in there my NINJA!!!