Monday, February 16, 2009

The Other Ones

Layne taking flight on Mona airlines.

The love bug. Mona and the girls worked hard on this one!

Mere getting some sweet love from Ralphie. See honey .... chihuahua's rock!

Mommy tracing Layne the dolphin fairy (don't ask).

A picture that Mona took of the pretty girl. Seriously, how stinking cute can one kid be?

Mona and Syd complete master- piece #1. A dinosaur with an orange bodysuit.

My angels hard at work.

Mona and Layne perfecting their art.

Time to make cookies!

Carole and the girls busy decorating cookies.

Are they done yet?

Uhmmmm...can't wait to eat some of that yummy dye.

Can I have some cookie with my icing? You know you want one!

Carole and the girls in the middle of a baking frenzy.

Carole and me chillin'

Sunday morning DS games. Don't they look so serious?

You know the other ones....the ones without kids. The people who have a house untouched by little hands. The place that you go when you are always a little edgy about what your kids are going to get into, what mess they will make, and trouble they will find. It is hard to totally exhale. But not at Carole and Mona's house. Carole and Mona are really close friends of ours (really more like family) who have 4 legged children but not 2 legged gooses like us. We decided to have a sleepover at their house on Valentine's day, kids and all. We had a blast! The girls got to decorate their driveway, bake cookies, and just have fun. It was so relaxing and great. The best part? No stress. The girls had free reign of the house without any worry about breaking things, etc. We are so lucky. Oh....and I got some great chihuahua lovin'

Thursday, February 5, 2009

She Has Come Undone

I'm pulling up to our house yesterday and my eye catches something on Mere's window. she already drives the minivan with all the appropriate bumper stickers and evidence of a stay at home mom. But, this I was not ready for......a girl scout flag sticking out of her window. Yes, you heard me a girl scout flag. She has finally lost it. I told her that she needs to leave the girls with me for a weekend and go somewhere with adults ONLY. She shrugged and then proceeded to excitedly tell me how much her girls [read: daisy troup] made in cookie sales [$700]. She is gone, totally gone...................