Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Republican !?!??

Ok.  I think I'm done.  I think I'm going to have to be a Republican.  If I'm not going to have rights, then I might as well keep my money.

This man that I helped elect......what has he done for me?  
Higher taxes? check
Trying to cut healthcare spending (read: less reimbursement for doctors)? check
Equal rights for my family? Any rights for my family?  BIG FAT NO!!!!!!

Have you read the brief that Obama ordered the Justice Department to write in defense of DOMA?  It is really something else.  Among other things, DOMA is praised as a good law because it saves the federal government money by not paying out marriage benefits to same sex couples.  One part of the brief reads, 

    “DOMA ensures that evolving understandings of the institution of marriage at the State level do not place greater financial and administrative obligations on federal and state benefits programs. Preserving scarce government resources—and deciding to extend benefits incrementally—are well-recognized legitimate interests under rational-basis review.”  

So, by denying me rights the government is saving money.  Wanna pass some of that savings on to me??

It goes on and on........the end result?  Another politician who changes their tune once in office.  This time it is just extra insulting given the fact that Obama has spoken out against DOMA for years.

I can think of a lot of ways to save the federal government money and not one of them involves discrimination.  I get to see people abusing the system day in and day out.....who is paying for this? I am!  We are!  But, we sure don't want to be a drain on the federal government's resources.  It is ok to collect disability payments and suck up medicaid benefits WHILE abusing drugs and working the system......but PLEASE don't let me get married because this might tax our resources!!!

I think I have crossed over.........