Monday, September 22, 2008

KJ For President

I think anyone who can stay home with 5 kids under 4 could definately run the country.  Just reading her blog makes me exhausted.  And 5 days alone?  No president has ANYTHING on her.  So, that is my plan.....KJ for president.  

Oh, and another thing....can we please just put OJ on a island and call it a day? 

There is a new blogger in town who writes so well about political issues that I have to direct everyone to her blog, women without a cause, because I think it is awesome.

That is all for now.  

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Warning: If you are a McCain/Palin fan then you might want to refrain from reading this blog until after the election!!!!  This is the only warning you will get so if you get offended it is not my problem.

I thought the Republicans were BIG, BAD, gun toting, everyone takes care of him/herself type of people.  You know.....grow a backbone, quit whining, and get over it.  No handouts, no second chances, just get it right.  Well, I guess I was wrong........

After all the talk about the McCains on the view and Cindy McCain's statements about their appearance, I watched the clip.  Seriously? This upset the McCains???  The questions that were asked were fair, upfront, and honest.  It was obviously hard for John McCain to answer these questions without the benefit of sound bites, scripts, and speech writers.  I will give the McCains credit for even going on the show, they must have known it would be a difficult interview.  BUT, it was not even close to being "as bad" as Cindy McCain made it out to be in her statements.  If you can't take a little heat, then you DEFINATELY do not need to be President.  Please, please, please tell me that they will not win.

I loved the talk about religion and Roe vs Wade.  The take home message: if you are a woman who desires rights or anything but Christian, then watch out!!!!  I hope you will go to utube and watch the video.  I deserves to be watched.  And Elizabeth made a point to say that McCain had her vote.  I don't think I would admit it if I was voting for McCain or if I had voted for Bush.  I would be a closeted Republican (and I would stay in the closet).

This cannot be happening.  America cannot be this stupid.  I'm scared.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blog block

I usually have so many blog entries floating around in my head but lately there has been nothing.  So today I have random thoughts and random pics.

I was watching CNN at the gym and Sarah Palin was giving a speech in which she addressed the audience as "guys and gals."  She later referred to her husband as the "first dude."  OK...this is out of control.  She is actually kind of sexy until she opens her mouth.  Do people really like her?  I know I'm going to wake up from this nightmare.  If McCain wins I think we will have to flee the country.  I'm over being pissed that Hilary is not the Democratic candidate, I am over not liking Obama.  Obviously, we can't afford to NOT vote for Obama.  If any of the above offends bad!

This economy is crazy.  What a scary time.  How is the average person supposed to make it.  I'm glad I'm in a recession proof profession.

I love my girls so much but I am feeling them grow up to fast.  I couldn't sleep last night because I couldn't quit thinking about how one day soon Syd won't sit in my lap and jump into my arms and think I am the best thing since sliced bread.  And Layne?  She is not a baby anymore....what happened?  BTW, she went pee pee on the potty tonight....all by herself!!!!  No, we aren't training her she is just ready.  I'm going to miss these girls when they get to cool for me.

Are we ever going to get pregnant?  I mean, a year and a half of trying....I just want a baby already.  We need to get this show on the road.  Layne is done nursing so Mere is going to start Clomid this month.  We have an appt w/ the RE doc on Oct 17th.....oh crap....not that again!

I love our new friends.  They are the perfect family for is cool to meet people and feel so comfortable from the start.

My sister seems to be growing up and getting it together......I like it.

I'm back to running again and it feels so good.  I hope this sticks.

And, now for random pics:

I went to Syd's school for lunch last week and we had so much fun.  Some pics of our lunch:

A picture of my beautiful wife:

Meric and Layne playing over the weekend: