Monday, September 22, 2008

KJ For President

I think anyone who can stay home with 5 kids under 4 could definately run the country.  Just reading her blog makes me exhausted.  And 5 days alone?  No president has ANYTHING on her.  So, that is my plan.....KJ for president.  

Oh, and another thing....can we please just put OJ on a island and call it a day? 

There is a new blogger in town who writes so well about political issues that I have to direct everyone to her blog, women without a cause, because I think it is awesome.

That is all for now.  


K J and the kids said...

I think I'll choose Tina Fey as my VP, whaddya think ? :)

Oh and IF I am president....I will put OJ on an deserted island.

You are a sweetheart. thanks for the mention.

amy said...

i'd vote for her ; )

Busy Mama said...

ok..I read the blog and I have, yet, another addiction!! LOVE HER!

Rachel said...

don't know kj that well but from what i've read and the choices we currently have i'd definitely vote for her.

i love all the new pics! just browsed over everything as i've missed like a million things :O but sounds like you're doing well

i can't imagine how you guys are feeling about the whole baby thing but i'm sure it will happen. i'm praying for you guys :)

take care!