Thursday, September 18, 2008


Warning: If you are a McCain/Palin fan then you might want to refrain from reading this blog until after the election!!!!  This is the only warning you will get so if you get offended it is not my problem.

I thought the Republicans were BIG, BAD, gun toting, everyone takes care of him/herself type of people.  You know.....grow a backbone, quit whining, and get over it.  No handouts, no second chances, just get it right.  Well, I guess I was wrong........

After all the talk about the McCains on the view and Cindy McCain's statements about their appearance, I watched the clip.  Seriously? This upset the McCains???  The questions that were asked were fair, upfront, and honest.  It was obviously hard for John McCain to answer these questions without the benefit of sound bites, scripts, and speech writers.  I will give the McCains credit for even going on the show, they must have known it would be a difficult interview.  BUT, it was not even close to being "as bad" as Cindy McCain made it out to be in her statements.  If you can't take a little heat, then you DEFINATELY do not need to be President.  Please, please, please tell me that they will not win.

I loved the talk about religion and Roe vs Wade.  The take home message: if you are a woman who desires rights or anything but Christian, then watch out!!!!  I hope you will go to utube and watch the video.  I deserves to be watched.  And Elizabeth made a point to say that McCain had her vote.  I don't think I would admit it if I was voting for McCain or if I had voted for Bush.  I would be a closeted Republican (and I would stay in the closet).

This cannot be happening.  America cannot be this stupid.  I'm scared.


Jen said...

I'm scared, too, because America was stupid enough to elect President Bush not just once, but twice.

George was really active in campaigning for Kerry 4 years ago when he was in nursing school. I remember him telling me he had been talking to some of his classmates about the candidates and he had said something along the lines of, why wouldn't you want the smartest guy possible to be your president. Some of the people he was in school with said they liked President Bush because he seems like them. Jeez, I mean, really. I like to think I'm pretty smart, but not smart enough to rule the free world, and I expect the person in that office to be smarter than me.

All that to say, I'm scared as well.

K J and the kids said...

THAT is exactly what I keep saying.
American's cannot be this stupid.
and then, like you, I am SCARED...because deep down we all know that they are.

Sonya said...

I'll be coming back for more political talk! :)

Hide.. Literally! said...

I am a frequent flyer of your blog and I love this post. It's so raw it's easy to feel your fear, and at this point everyone should have fear. I don't fear for myself of my lifetime - I fear for my little girl. I think this election is going to put us into survival mode if it's taken lightly. I prayer up about this alot and I want November to come fast and faster because I want it over with. The delay because the polls are so close is enough to send me through the roof. Thanks for your thoughts.

Have a great weekend..

amy said...

amen sister, according to the polls, america is pretty close to being THAT stupid, SCARY!!