Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thank God it is me!

Today was the day. The day to get some answers, the day we met Dr. S (the neurosurgeon that we came to see). He was super nice and my appointment went great. The best part of it all? He was not impressed with me.....he has seen plenty of patients like me and operated on over 100 of us. FINALLY, a doctor with answers instead of questions. It was refreshing and made us both feel good. Here are some answers we got during our visit:

- Mortality rate is 0 (yeah!!!!)
- Risks include paralysis, loss of my voice (if he has to go anteriorly), decrease in neck mobility, etc, etc. He has not had any of the aforementioned outcomes in his patients.
- I probably will not have to be in the ICU after surgery and can always have someone stay with me in my room
- I will be in the hospital for 4 days
- I have to stay in LA for at least one week after surgery
- The success rate for my case is about 87%, this includes cases where he has had to operate more than once. Hopefully, I won't need more than on operation. What happens to the other 13%? Who knows...not gonna be me!
- My operation will be at 11:45 am on Thursday and last approximately 2.5 hours so please send me all of your good vibes during that time!!

After the visit I had to go pre-register, get my blood drawn, and then have ANOTHER MRI. Apparently, Dr. S wanted a brain MRI in addition to the spine MRI I had yesterday. Luckily, this one only took about a hour (thank God). I was walking back into the MRI and I saw them bringing out a little girl about Syd's age who was sedated and had just finished getting her MRI. All I could think was THANK GOD I'm the one who is sick. Those poor, poor parents with a sick baby girl. In that moment I was overcome with gratitude. Amazing how things happen. The MRI was uneventful and quick. Oh, and they played the B.lack Eyed Peas song again while I was getting scanned. It was hard not to dance.

Tomorrow is my myelogram. UGHHHH, not excited about it but hopeful that this is the last one, EVER. On the flip side, Tommie comes in tomorrow.....one good thing and one bad thing. I know Mere is ready for her to be here because I will be on my best behavior. The pain medications make me SO grouchy!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am soooooo thinking about you everyday, I am glad you finally have answers and a solution! I can't wait for you to be 100% again & move on with you life's journey. You are one of the beautiful people I was blessed to cross paths with on my life's journey & for that I am grateful. My positive energy thought & prayers are with you & Mere. Thanks for keeping me posted
Your friend
Caroline Gibson

Sonya said...

OMG I'm in tears. Tears of joy from what appears to be great news in the midst of this journey. You are right... you WILL be another one of his success stories!

And of course tears for that little girl and her family... it took me right back to my own situation.

Good luck tomorrow! I hope it is the best myelogram you've ever had... and i'm imagining that they still suck. Stay positive and know that you are about to cross that finish line a winner!

tallgirl said...

I am so relieved that I have tears in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to be "one of a crowd" for once? Sounds like you are exactly where the higher powers intended you to be. Will be holding you, Mere, and the surgical staff up in my thoughts and prayers on Thursday. Trudy's Mom

K J and the kids said...

This is GREAT news ! News we all like to hear. YAAAAY !
I will be praying for steady hands and a great outcome for your doctor. and a nice peaceful and restful recovery for you.

Thanks for the positive update. This makes my whole day.

Lori said...

Still keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers and hoping everything goes smoothly tomorrow. Also keeping Sydney and Laynie in my thoughts and hoping that they are doing well and having fun with grandma.

I was one of those parents who had to watch their little girl be sedated and get an MRI. Kaylee was just 23 months at the time. It was the worst thing EVER...

Easy surgery vibes for you tomorrow. (((hugs)))