Saturday, November 7, 2009

And, you are?

This update will be brief because I am laying flat with a neck brace which doesn't make for the easiest typing. This time around I really am 100% confined to the bed for 24-48 hours. Mere has been great, she is constantly checking on me and being super sweet. The girls are popping there heads in occasionally but are mostly keeping themselves entertained. Every time the come near me, Mere says, "be careful, be gentle, be still." I think poor Layne is afraid to move around me. Yesterday I had terrible nausea but today I feel much better.

We checked in yesterday at 7am ready to go. After some confusion (which is now expected) they got me settled into a room. The nurse was so sweet. It took her awhile to get an IV and she was obviously stressed out about it. At this point in the game, IV sticks are nothing. She eventually got it and they started to fluids. We also had to go through the whole are you pregnant stuff. No, I am not. How do I know? I'm a lesbian. Yes, I will sign a waiver. I'm not complaining everyone is just doing their job. It is like the movie Groundhog Day, the same conversations every time. In the middle of all the preparations a resident walked into the room. She didn't look at me (or Mere or the nurse), she didn't say who she was with, she just walked over to my chart and grabbed a sticker. Then she said something about marking me. That's when I said, "who are you with?" "I'm with vascular surgery." Oops! I think you are in the wrong room. Through this whole interaction she still never looked at me. I know she was busy checking off things to do in her head, taking time to pay attention to her surroundings was not important.

A few minutes later one of the interventional neuroradiology nurses came to get me. I can't remember his name but he was really cute. He took me back to the previously mentioned scary room with LOTS of equipment. It wasn't so scary this time. They got me on the table (face down) with my gown wide open in the back. It was FREEZING in the room. The heart monitor kept showing V tach (a bad rhythm that results in people getting shocked) because I was shivering. I made the nurse promise not to shock me! While I was on the table, multiple people came in to talk to me. Some of them I had seen before and others I didn't recognize. NONE of them introduced themselves. The doctoring lesson for the day: ALWAYS introduce yourself and say who you are with. This is basic 1st year medical school stuff that I have NOT done a million times. You get busy and in your head and you just forget. Who knew it was so important?

Dr. E (the interventional neuroradiologist who is HANDSOME) came in the room and started draping me. The drape was over my head but I didn't care......I had fentanyl and versed on board....bring it! The procedure went well. Sedation helps so much. After a brief time in recovery I was released home. I spent the day half awake in bed trying not to vomit. Dr. VH (my person hero) called later in the day. He told me that the procedure went well and he felt really optimistic. He thinks I might have to have a few more blood patches and will continue bed rest for awhile. BUT, he was hopeful. Yeah!!!!!!

I won't know if it worked until I can get up for awhile. I'm told I get to shower tomorrow so that will be a test drive. Thanks for all the prayers, kind words, and awesome vibes.


Tina said...

Wow. Holy Smokes Jess. Man know I am sending you all my love, best intentions, good and restful vibes, and sending up prayers for you and your whole family. I'm hoping this latest procedure gives you some much deserved comfort, be gentle with yourself. As a fellow member of the medical community I can totally identify with the scariness of being on the other side of it and the perspective it provides and I think helps us to become better caregivers. Hang in there Jess....this too shall pass.

Sonya said...

Wow. Thanks for keeping us updated. I hope you feel some positive results while you are up for your shower tomorrow! We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

Jen said...

Fingers crossed and you're in my prayers.