Saturday, March 21, 2009

Calling All Our Peeps!!

We made an executive decision this morning.  One we probably shouldn't make but ce-la-vie! We are going on the R Family Vacations Alaska Cruise.....yeah!!!!!!!   We are going to spend a few days in Seattle before the actual cruise.  So, if any of our blogger peeps (hint, hint...Arcane Matters...etc) are going to be on board let us know.  It would be so AWESOME to meet some of you guys.  I don't think any of my regular readers live in Seattle, but, if I'm wrong...let me know.

I am SO excited.  We were watching the video online this morning and Mere is on it (we were on the 1st cruise) cool.  Of course, it made us all gushy and we remembered what an amazing time we had 5 years ago.  Next thing you know, I'm looking up flights.

So....come one your rooms!


J said...
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K J and the kids said...

Sorry...wrong account !
Maybe you could stop in SL on your way to Seattle.

amy said...

bummer! we totally would have gone if the timing were a little different. we considered going with a new born but i just scheduled my surgery (breast reduction) for June 8th so it's just too soon for us logistically. we did the cruise last summer and thought it was great. since they're cutting costs on this one (again) i'm guessing it will be their last ; (

Sarai and Dani said...

We went to the premier of the cruise line in SF a few years back and got to meet Kelly. It looked so awesome! Some friends that we went with have since been on two of the cruises and loved every minute of it. They have small children too. I am super jealous!!! Have a great time!!!!!

Sonya said...


We won't be going but we know of families who are.

momtothreeboys said...

Hey, not sure if you know "me" but Mere probably does, we are going!!! We booked a few months ago...somewhere on deck 5 I think...where are you guys? We do have to meet up you know!!!!