Thursday, June 12, 2008

PLEASE be an OVERREACTION!!! I am at work (in small town ER) and I am a nervous wreck. I know I won't sleep tonight so I might as well blog...right?? Besides, I need everyone to say, "it will be are crazy and overreacting." And, if you don't feel that way after this blog then don't say ANYTHING!

So, for the last month or so Syd has been having headaches. Most of the time it is when she is tired and it seems like she is looking for attention. But it has been off and on and not always just when she is tired. Before we went on vacation she was complaining of a headache and then she threw up....just once. There was a bug going around at school so we attributed it to that and kept going. While we were on vacation she did not have any headaches but I did notice that she didn't eat much (which isin't abnormal for her). Yesterday she started complaining of a headache and upset stomach again. It was after a long day at a friend's house and she seemed fine, but still. One of our friends who is a pediatrician suggested that she may need her eyes checked. She had a brief eye exam at her doctor's office last year and it was normal. We have asked her to read a few things far away and she seems to have no trouble with this. I know you know where this is going but let me tell you why.......

One of the nurses that I work with in small town hospital has a grandson with a brain tumor. I have heard the story several times about how he had nagging headaches for several months. All the usual investigations were done and nothing came up.....after about a month they did a CT scan and their worst nightmare was realized.

So I talked to our ped doctor today and he agreed that we should do a CT scan. He also thinks it is nothing but he still AGREED to do a CT SCAN!!!! Now I'm scared. I know it is nothing because it has to be nothing but I'm still really terrified. This fear has been lurking in the back of my mind for the last month. I was hoping all of this would resolve and we wouldn't need to investigate it but she continues to complain of headaches and unfortunately for her I am paranoid. I'm also worried that we are exposing her to radiation for no reason.....she is so young to have all that radiation. But, we have to look. PLEASE LET THIS BE NOTHING!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.

Keep us in your prayers tommorrow.


K J and the kids said...

You are TOTALLY overreacting. Don't you complain all the time about these patients in the ER :)

You have valid concerns and are just looking out for your little one. I know that she's going to be ok !!!

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Please don't keep us in suspense. Let us know how she's doing.

Lisa said...

Surely all will be well, but I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.