Friday, June 13, 2008

It's all good!

Results: normal CT scan

Here is Sydney describing the procedure in her own words.

So it's either poor eyesight or migraines. We're investigating both.


K J and the kids said... are that patient :) ha ha ha
SERIOUSLY couldn't be more thrilled.
YEAH !!!

doughnut hole ;) ha ha

Jess said...

Your right....I am the patient that I complain about!!!!!

amy said...

Thank god! You totally needed to get that checked out, i don't think youre that patient at all ; ), or maybe i'm just being defensive because i'm that patient too! i suspect there are other things to do to try and figure out what's causing them?

Jen said...

What a relief. Radiation or no, you did the right thing. The alternative is too awful.

Clouded Grace said...

Just catching up on my favorite blogs. Glad to hear Sydney is ok!

rae said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww i just got to hear syd talking!!! i don't know if mere has ever posted videos before but this is the first one i watched. how stinkin cute is your daughter?
so glad the CT was negative. poor baby, having migraines is terrible. i hope you find the source soon and she can get relief. i just spent an hour catching up on your blog. its been a while since I checked in.
take care........glad you had a great vacation btw. i've seen wicked out here in LA 3 times now. each time i love it more.
okay, take care.