Friday, November 26, 2010

Super Happy Black Friday

Thankful is DEFINITELY the way I would describe the way I feel today. There are a million wonderful things swirling around in my little brain and full heart today. Yesterday was PERFECT. Spent with family and friends. Spent upright. My pager went off right as we sat down to eat and I was ALMOST irritated. Because I'm a big important doctor and how DARE you bother me just as I'm about to eat this delicious plate of hot food that might be cold when I get done taking care of the problem that you are paging me for. Damn! How quickly I forget. Nope. I am DAMN lucky to be sitting here, eating, and ABLE to answer a page. So, get up and happily answer it and that is why we have microwaves! Life is perfect and I am LUCKY. If I ever need proof, I'll just refer to my blog. This is what I wrote on this very day last year (and let me tell you, I did not feel lucky or grateful or happy or anything but scared, sad, and dumbfounded). I still can't even read through this entire post but I know what it says,

"Today was our first day on the road. We were up early (Mere earlier than me), showered, car loaded, and ready to go. The only thing left was to say goodbye to the girlies. Mere woke Layne up and I went into the bedroom and cuddled up next to Syd. I woke her up and said, "It is time for mommy and mama to leave." She groaned and buried her head in the pillow. I thought she was still waking up until Mere mouthed to me, "she is crying." Oh.....our poor little girl. All this time she has acted like us leaving is no big deal. Here we were worried about Layne and it was Syd that was crying. She was hanging on us and said, "I don't want you to go." She has never cried out of was the first time. Before today she reserved her tears for pain or trying to get out of trouble. It was truly heartbreaking. It took every little part of me to leave her. I just wanted to call the whole thing off and stay in bed cuddled up next to my girlies. Layne was fine. As we pulled off, she was waving and smiling, perfectly happy in "nanny's" arms. Syd didn't come to the door. We just talked to her a little while ago and both girls ended up at a friend's house playing, eating ice cream, and having fun. My mom said she overheard Syd telling Layne not to put something in her mouth because she would "have to have surgery." Apparently, Layne said, "what is surgery?" Syd said, "An operation. Like what mommy is having. But don't worry because she won't be sick anymore when she gets home."

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!


K J and the kids said...

~I remember this post.
I'm so glad this year was one of transformation and healing.
I'm also glad that you can reflect and know just how blessed you are. :)

Sonya said...

So thankful that you had a great Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

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