Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Long Time

Ok. So I know it has been a LONG time since my last post. Thankfully, life got in the way of me posting. YEAH! That means I actually have a life again. Pretty much everyone in my life knows that all is good, but, I want this all documented...even the end (I hope!) so I don't ever forget.

The last trip to LA was actually, GASP, fun! See Mere's blog for all the details. We drove with the girls, did Disneyland, and even the Grand Canyon! The best part of the entire trip....a NORMAL myelogram. The doctor told me to go home, wean off all of my meds, and work on getting back to life. That is exactly what I have done and it has been great. We have had a fun and busy summer. Am I fixed forever? Who knows! But, it doesn't matter. Today I am happy, healthy, and whole which is all that matters.

Oh yeah, and thank GOD for all of our amazing friends and family. We are so blessed. I think I am the luckiest person I know!!!


Amy said...

So thrilled for you & your family. Was keeping up with Mere's blog so I knew that you were much better! You lived a nightmare and came out on the other side, thankfully, I cant imagine how scary that must have been for you all. Hoping it is all behind you for good this time!!

Sonya said...

It is SO awesome to see this post. Yeah, we've known. But it's so good to see your words.

Keep on enjoyin' life!

Jen said...

The best news ever.

Becca said...

nice to see you blogging again :)