Saturday, December 27, 2008

I can cook a turkey!

Ok, so Bob (my FIL) had to help from afar, but I (I mean, we...Mere, SIL, and me) did it.  There was some great Christmas day drama that resulted in my mom and sister leaving our house soon after opening gifts.  This left me to cook the turkey.  I love to cook, I cook all the time, but I'm not into big Thanksgiving/Christmas cooking.  And, I have never done a turkey because someone has always been there to do it for me.  But, now I've done it and it was easy and it was good....YEAH!  We did it.  Oh yeah, and thanks Bob.

The rest of Christmas went off without a hitch.  My mom and sister came back in time to eat (yipeee) and we had a blast with the twins.  In other news, cookies have taken over our house.  I mean....dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies.  I'm going to need to be put in a room with celery, water, and a treadmill for a month to get rid of all these cookie calories.  But I keep eating them.

The girls are happy with their Christmas gifts and the twins are over the moon with their Wii.  Syd has not put down her pixos since yesterday and Layne loves to put her baby to bed in her new crib.

Last night we went to the Big Green House and exchanged gifts.  They gave us the AWESOME plaque that is going to be perfect in our entry way.  In turn, we destroyed their house, drank their rum, and ate all their cheetos.  Oh, I might have had some Nutella and peanut butter in spoon (but I cleaned the spoon in between dips).  See the plaque below:

Alphabet For Life Plaque
I can't get the whole thing to upload on blogger the right way, but you get the picture!

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Holcomb.pittman said...

You are welcome to come to our house anytime and drink all the rum and eat all the Cheetos. You did NOT tear up the house. Amazingly enough, things stayed very sane with all 6 kids! The Joheims rock!