Monday, August 18, 2008

Facebook is in the HOUSE and now it's going home

As most of you know my sister in law, Mary and our niece, Steph were visiting this week. The first night they were here Mary got Mere onto facebook. Now guess what I have? A facebook addict. Guess what else? I can't understand a lot the conversations they are having because I'm not on facebook. As Bridget said, "we can talk about you!" I guess I'm going to have to breakdown and join the crowd....maybe :)

Here is what it looked like at my house (when we were at home) this week. Mere and I on the sofa, mere w/ laptop in hand. Mary on the adjacent chair, w/ laptop in hand. Steph on the other chair, w/ laptop in hand. I did not have anything in my lap.....just the remote. Mere and Mary were laughing and having what must have been a great conversation, but I wouldn't know because I couldn't hear it. What? I was sitting in between them, why couldn't I hear? Because they were texting each other on facebook. Yes they live hundreds of miles apart but they are sitting a few feet away from each other and communicating via the internet. Something is very wrong with this.....very, very wrong.

On another note, this weekend was so much fun. Sat morning we went to the Rivermarket and shopped, ate, and shopped again. Sat afternoon we were at the Daisy Scout's ceremony, welcoming all the girls to Daisys. More on that later.

We went back to the piano bar on Sat (w/ Mere, Bridget, and Holcomb w/ us) and had a blast. I am definately not able to hold my liquor like I could in college. DEFINATELY NOT. But you cannot have more fun then being at a bar w/ your favorite friends and dancing to Ice, Ice baby coming from piano. Oh yeah, and not caring what others think because I'm not is college trying to pick someone up....I'm just having fun. I'm thinking this is going to have to be an every other month thing.....yeah, that's right Bridget you are going to have to suck it up!!!!

Sunday was also a blast....we spent the day at Linda's pool w/ my mom, Mere, Mary, Steph, Erica, Leah, Ross, and the girls. We had a great time and ended it with Ross, Syd, and Layne running around a local cafeteria signing and dancing. Entertaining for us. Others? Probably not so much. But who goes to a cafeteria on a Sunday evening anyway? You have to expect to run into some sorted characters (us) at Frankie's caf.

Mary and Steph leave today and we are all sad. It was just such a great week. Everyday was fun and Mary is so hilarious. How come it has taken us this long to bond? Probably because we are strangely alike in some ways. Syd was really sad last night because she didn't want them to leave today. She wanted to make sure I have their phone number so she can call them whenever she wants.

Have a safe trip girls! We will miss you.

BTW, check out Mary's blog for some cute pics of the trip (Yeah, I'm terrible at posting pics because I'm always at work when I blog.)


K J and the kids said...

Like a bunch of teenagers texting each other from 2 feet across the room.
I'm proud of you for not taking the bait and joining in. (well for now any ways :)

How did we all become such light weights. 1 beer the other night with dinner and I was toast :)
I consider us to be cheap dates ! That's always a good thing. right ?
Thing is, there was a time we would have dropped a C note at the bar and not even thought twice about it.
Now we can take 20 bucks and enjoy the whole night ! WOO HOO !!

tallgirl said...

I have been surprised lately how many people I found through facebook.

Bridget said...

P-bar once a month... sure! Don't let me be the one to hold back the party animal moms. Unlike others in the crowd, there were no embarassing pixs of me from the evening... unless I'm held responsible for my wife's behavior. No one recognized me in the bathroom, Dr. J., causing us to have to leave. What am worried about! :)