Friday, May 16, 2008

One more weekend!!!!

This is the last weekend I work before taking a 3 week vacation. Yes, 3 weeks. OMG!!!!! I cannot wait. We start in Orlando w/ my SIL (Megan) and my niece and nephew for a week of Discovery cove, Sea World, Animal Kingdom, and whatever else suits our fancy. Then off for 3 days to my dad's house where we will hang on the beach, go on the boat, and relax. From there we go 3 more days at Mere's parents house where we will hopefully play cards and visit. I love playing cards with my in laws!!!! Then we fly to New York (well, actually New Jersey) for 9 days. The first weekend my mom is going to come and watch the girls so we can go see Rent and Wicked....have been waiting FOREVER to see Wicked. My mom and sister are going to take the girls to Lion King (it will be Syd's second time and she is so excited), good luck w/ Layne. Then I start a 5 day board review course so Mere and the girls will be entertaining themselves. Shouldn't be to hard seeing as how we are 8 miles from Manhattan...oh yeah. Then the last weekend it will just Mere, the girls, and me....who knows what we will do....I know we will have fun. I can't stand it....I'm so excited. We have not had a real vacation in over a year. I can't wait to spoil the girls and sleep w/ them for 21 days. I think I'm going to hyperventillate.

So, here I am in small town, AR moonlighting for the weekend. I can't quit smiling....I don't even care if I sleep because I am almost done :)))))


K J and the kids said...

TOTALLY living vicariously through you. smiling :) happy. thanks !

Greg said...

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Thank you!!!

tallgirl said...

Oh, I have vacation jealousy. Our vacation this year will consist of going to Portland for a training for work. YUCK!

(no subject) said...

sounds like fun!!!
and believe me you will LOVE wicked!!!

amy said...

totally sounds fun! nice that you'll hit all of the grandparents in 1 trip, your kids are going to be in all their glory! have fun, be safe!!