Monday, May 5, 2008

I Keep On Falling.....

After a long day at a local festival/street fair we were all wiped out last night. The girls went to bed super early and Mere and I vegged on the sofa and watched Dexter, heavenly! Just about the time we were ready for bed Layne woke up crying. A few minutes later she fell asleep in my arms so I transitioned us to bed, the whole time she was hugging me tightly. When I finally got us settled she was sleeping on my chest, her bald little head right underneath my chin. Our breathing was synchronized and I could smell her sweet breath. It was so sweet. I just keep falling in love with this child!!!!

Then I reached over and pulled Syd over so we were all cuddled up together. It was definately one of those moments that you never want to forget. Such sweetness!!!!!

And yes, they do still sleep with us. And no, I don't need any negative opinions on co sleeping (in case you were tempted).

On another note, we found a really great shirt for Mere this weekend. It says, "I make milk, what's your superpower?" Love it!


K J and the kids said...

ok, so from a woman who STRUGGLES with breastfeeding that shirt says it all. To me, that is the greatest super power of them all :)

LOVE that you had that moment. NO judgement coming from me. :)

tallgirl said...

It is amazing how sometimes you could throw them under a bus and other times you are pretty sure you could stop one with a wink if it meant making your baby smile.

I have been trying to savor moments lately because I know I am going to be out of it for a month or two after the baby arrives.

PS. I LOVE THE SHIRT. Please pass on a link.

Jen said...

Love the shirt. It sounds awesome. It's nice to know there is a doctor out there who co-sleeps. Too bad you're not a pediatrician because I'm tired of judgmental looks about it. I know it will probably be difficult to get Lindley out of our bed, but I love being able to snuggle with her so much that it's worth it. Especially since I work outside the home and don't get that much time with her on the weekdays.

Madeline decided she wants to sleep in her room, but wants George to sleep in there with her. Ha ha. Maybe someday he and I will sleep in the same room again! said...

awesome shirt!

as for co-sleeping...well...we're right there with you. Harris & Toby just moved into a shared room about a month ago...and i'm not sure why...but Harris has been staying in his bed ALL NIGHT! (please don't say i just jinxed myself!). Toby's a whole nother story...and i can't really imagine that he'll ever NOT have to rub Cindy's arm all night to be comforted...sigh. but i will admit that i'm sleeping a HELL of a lot better than i used to with only one kid in my bed!