Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If I Can Just Get Through This Week

Please let it be Saturday, please let it be Saturday, please let it be Saturday. Ahhh, Saturday we get on a plane and go to Boston to see my inlaws. Saturday marks the beginning of 9 days without work....9 days!!!! I'm going to sleep with my children and wife every night for 10 nights in a row. It must be a dream. I cannot wait. Now, if I can just not get sick between now and then.

Of course, I am also super excited to meet my new neice Kylie. She is so stinking cute and looks just like Layne (I think). I also know it will be a little difficult because I want a baby so bad right now. I was hoping to be pregnant this trip. At least I can enjoy some pinot with my SIL.

Sydney can't wait to be with her cousin, Paige (Paige-e-girl). They always have so much fun together. I always leave wishing that Syd could be closer to Paige on a regular basis. But, since we aren't moving to New England and my BIL has a business in New England the girls will always have to foster a long distance relationship.

Did I mention that I get 9 days off???? Holy Shit....AWESOME. I can't wait. But I can wait to travel w/ Layne...is it wrong to sedate children for parental comfort?


K J and the kids said...

If anyone deserves it !

Have such a great time girls.

robyn.green said...

enjoy! and welcome to the blogosphere! i'll be reading!

Rainbow Momma said...

Yeah! I get my wife all to myself (will sort of) for 9 whole days! Don't worry, I'll handle Layne.

tallgirl said...

HURRAY. Have fun and good luck!
we took a trip with peanut to southern texas (a total of 14 hours in the car over 2 days) when she was 16 months old. I was pleasantly surprised with how well she did. Layne might surprise you.