Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MRI or meditation machine??

So, at the end of the two weeks I was treated to another myelogram. This time Dr.VH wanted to inject the dye and get me to the scanner ASAP in hopes of better localizing the leak. The plan (funny, that word) was that we would do the myelogram and then Dr. VH would talk to Dr. G and then I would be off for blood patch #2. Bright and early Monday morning there we were....waiting. After about a hour I was finally all prepped and ready to get going. Dr. VH said, "before I stick you I want to run to the CT scanner and make sure that they have it open and ready because we are going to rush you over there." He came back a few minutes later and informed us that the scan had not been pre authorized by insurance and so I didn't even have a requisition number, they couldn't scan, etc. Shocking! Something went wrong, I don't believe it! After another hour of waiting and calls to my PCP (who has to order all this stuff and deal with the pre authorizations) I was back on the table in starting position. This myelogram was the easiest yet. Minimal pain and FAST. Off to the CT scanner.

The results? Still leaking. Better than before but still a lot of leaking. Dr. VH said he needed to go sit and reconstruct some images to try and get a better idea of where it was coming from. I was wheeled to recovery and then wheeled to preop where they started to prep me for the blood patch. IV fluids? check. Consent signed? check. Hospital gown? check. Dr. G ready? check. Then the call came from Dr. VH. His words? "I'm confused." Not something you want to hear the neuroradiologist say. Dr. VH didn't feel like he could tell them where to put the patch and felt like a spine MRI was in order before putting me through any additional procedures. They scheduled me for the MRI the following day.

I have decided, I like the MRI. There is just something about all that noise that sort of hypnotizes me. I get a lot of good praying, day dreaming, and general zen like feelings in that scanner. There wasn't even a hint of anxiety this time.....I'm an old pro! I was in the scanner for about 1 1/2 hours. Seriously, by the time I came out I felt like I had been at a retreat. Refreshed and kinda clear. See, NOTHING can get you in the MRI. It is just you and the machine. In those minutes it is really like the world stops. Ok...well...I digress.

Out of the scanner and back with Dr. VH. The news? UGhhhhhh!! Still doesn't know where the leak is coming from. He knows a few is likely a large tear.....when he can localize it someone will be able to fix it....we are all so frustrated. Now we are on plan D, blood patch from C6-T4 tomorrow, followed by bedrest and a repeat myelogram on Tuesday. After that? Not sure. We are definately on a day by day plan here.


Sonya said...

Good to see more updates. I'm sorry things are still very unclear. We are keeping you in our thoughts!

tallgirl said...

This sucks.

I love you guys and will be around this weekend if you need anything.

Jen said...

I hope things are going okay after the latest procedure. You're in my thoughts a lot!

Anonymous said...

Bumped into Mere at school two are a piece of work! Sorry to read you still have no resolution to this mess. Hoping things start looking up soon for you. I tell you, if someone skewered my pudendal nerve, it'd be ugly!!


Anonymous said...

(whatever the hell the pudendal nerve is!)


amy said...

it's so crazy that the leak is so big yet no one can identify exactly where it is even with all of the amazing technology at their disposal. how stressful! hoping that this next one does the trick, what an absolute nightmare!!