Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 things

Facebook mania has resulted in the 25 random facts about you craze.  I thought I would post my 25 random things about me on my blog.

1.  I love reality tv. The real housewives of New York and Orange County are my favorites
2.  I HATE clutter. No, I really hate it.  It makes me a little crazy, I have to tell myself that "it is ok, it is ok."
3.  I think my 6 year old may be smarter than me
4.  My 2 year old scares me. I know that there will be many sleepless nights. I hope she doesn't do the things I did in college but I know she will!
5.  I could live on pretzels and be perfectly happy
6. My favorite fantasy involves running off to some foreign country and doing something totally different with my life
7.  I can't believe I'm  a doctor
8. Sometimes I wonder if being a doctor was the right choice.  Maybe I should have been a realtor
9. I can't get pregnant. This really upsets me and I have not worked through it yet.
10. I thought I would always be single so it still shocks me that I have been with Mere for almost 10 years
11. I love Layne's curls and the curves on Syd's arms.  I can trace both with my fingers for hours.
12.  I LOVE to cuddle. My wife is on the fence.
14. I love to be rubbed. My arms, back, legs, head, anything!
15. I think I was adopted. OK, I know I was not but it would explain a lot about me.
16. I want a chihuahua almost as much as another kid but my wife won't let me get one. Poor me!
17. I don't usually practice what I preach
18. I am addicted to my iphone and my mac. I like to think that material possessions don't matter to me but these do.
19. I have an old soul. I have never felt my age and always connected with people older than me. I am used to being the youngest adult in the room, it has always been that way.
20. I hate my double chin.  No matter how much weight I lose it won't go away! I think I will have plastic surgery on it some day. I also hate the wiggly part under my arms
21. I have 2 tattoos and I regret one of them
22.  I had my tongue pierced in college. I loved it even though it grosses me out when I see others with one
23. I hate uncertainty but my life is filled with it
24. I am the only member of my family (on my mom's side) who talks to everyone. I hate it
25. I picked up our best friends at an Indigo Girl's concert!!!!


K J and the kids said...

Loved this post.
I too loved to be rubbed all over. I also liked to be tittled...as I call it. Not so much a tickle, softer :)
I was adopted I'm certain of it, I also know that my mom is rich and famous and has been looking for me since the day I was kidnapped from her.

Your 25 things tell me a lot about you....but mostly that you are very lucky :)

guess what my word ver is :) poopp

amy said...

thanks for sharing! i too got my tongue pierced in college, but it feels like a life time ago already.

girlranting said...

OMG.. When I read that "I'm the only one on my mother's side that talks to everyone"... That's me. And it's sad.

My mom only has one sibling, a sister, who is a single mom to a daughter. I am the only one she will talk to that is connected to my mom. My mom and her refuse to speak to each other, and my brother and sister refuse to speak to her too. I am the only connection to her only sister's family. And it kills me.

So I know how you feel, sort of...