Monday, April 28, 2008

Cheap Date

This is what I "made" for dinner tonight:
Turkey and cheese sandwiches on wheat bread
Bananna and strawberries cut up and put in a bowl
Carrots and celery with dip

Syd sat down to eat and said, "Mommy this dinner is so beautiful. I love all the colors together." Then she went on to eat every last bite and raved the entire time. How many nights have I slaved over home cooked, nutritious meals only to have her complain!!! But a sandwich and some fruit and all of a sudden I am Julia Child....go figure.

And, after dinner....bathtime....


K J and the kids said...

Very sweet. Entirely TOO sweet really :)
My Syd will do the same thing. All of a sudden she will say, thank you mommy for making such a good dinner, it's delicious.
It makes you want to SQUEEZE their guts out.
love the picture !

tallgirl said...

that is a great shot.

I cook often as well. but what peanut likes best of all is mac and cheese FROM A BOX.